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More About HBOT

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used in hospitals for acute and serious ailments like diabetic foot wounds, air and gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation, gas gangrene, thermal and radiation burns, decompression sickness and acute mountain sickness. But outside the official FDA approvals, HBOT has been growing its validation for uses with over 120 accepted treatments. 

While most HBOT clinics will try to lure you in with stories of famous people like Bieber and athletes like LeBron who are using HBOT, we like to use research to guide our choices. While anecdotal stories are great to show potential and get the thought process opened, we like to report clinical research that backs those stories, supports the mechanisms of action, and discusses all the positive and negatives of HBOT. Because in the end, you have to decide what works for you, not for someone else, and be sure that you are getting the right kind of HBOT.  

Justin Bieber uses HBOT
benefits of HBOT for athletes
LeBron James uses HBOT and travels with a portable soft chamber to away games so he can recover faster and keep his competitive edge

Check out the article about how Joe Namath has used HBOT to help with the 5+ concussions and brain function loss he suffered from and how it helped get him off the pain meds and alcohol. (He is a strong advocate for HBOT and continues to try and get insurance coverage for neurological uses)

Joe Namath believes he's found the cure for brain damage caused by football ( 

Joe Namath fights for insurance coverage for HBOT for brain injuries

Click to see Joe on the Howard Stern show in 2019 talking about how HBOT can help millions of athletes and veterans with PTSD and concussions. 

Joe Namath on Howard Stern 2019 about hbot helping him wiht alcoholism, pain medication addiction, TBIs and post concussion syndrome

2017 study in animals showing mHBOT (low pressure) is effective at improving markers of healing in tendon injuries if applied early in recovery to prevent hypoxia in damaged tissue. 

Effects of hyperbaric oxygen at 1.25 atmospheres absolute with normal air on macrophage number and infiltration during rat skeletal muscle regeneration - PubMed (

Dr Shai Efrati has been studying HBOT on anti-agin markers, brain function and healing with SPECT scans in Israel

Dr Shai Efrati from Israel speaking about the use of HBOT to help improve cognitive function through angiogenesis (blood vessel creation) in the brain.

Dr. Shai Efrati lecture on Anti-aging showing how normal brain MRIs show micro damage without symptoms in healthy people and how HBOT can reverse that damage.

Covid Corner - Info on Post-Covid HBOT uses and clinical trials

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of long COVID: early evaluation of a highly promising intervention

2021 study with 10 subjects at 90+ min showing significant improvements in Long Covid fatigue and brain function.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves neurocognitive functions and symptoms of post-COVID condition: randomized controlled trial

Dr. Shai Efrati, a leading expert of HBOT and brain function weighed in on Long Covid use of HBOT in 2021.

NYU study of COVID patients given HBOT instead of the deadly ventilator. What would have happened if they tried it BEFORE the patients were in the hospital?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for COVID-19 patients with respiratory distress: treated cases versus propensity-matched controls - PubMed (

A 2021 systematic review of Covid patients using HBOT. More research is needed but this is a great start.

The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) on coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19): a systematic review (

Long Haul symptoms occur in about 50% of Covid recovered patients. Do you have fatigue, memory issues/brain fog, body aches, stress, digestive issues? Then you may be suffering from Post-Covid symptoms. Call us to see if HBOT is right for you.

How many people get 'long COVID'? More than half, researchers find: Half of COVID survivors experience lingering symptoms six months after recovery -- ScienceDaily

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