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Balancing Rocks
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The Jersey Zen Way

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Integrated Hyperbarics offers meditation Jersey Style. Let your mind be free from stress and thoughts. You can balance our Zen stones and allow your inner peace to flow freely. Or you can follow one of our guided meditations on your device. Listen to our binaural beats to help relieve your pain and anxiety while you meditate or while in the PBMT Red Room or even in the HBOT chamber (if conditions allow). Follow our visual imagery videos to increase blood flow to the creative and energizing parts of the brain.

Anyway you choose, Integrated Hyperbarcis and Jersey Zen can get your mind on track. 

Breath Work

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Probably one of the most important, and most forgotten, part of any therapy is Breath Work. You can live for weeks without food and days without water. But try and live 5 minutes without air! 

Breath work is the basis of Integrated Hyperbarics' integrations. Combining the ability to efficiently and effectively breath is the foundation of getting our patients back to healthy living. So we start on day one with proper development of diaphragmatic breathing combined with posture and body movements to enhance the ability of your spine and ribs to assist in the breathing task. As you improve, so do the techniques. We work through skills made famous by Wim Hof and Max Strom. No matter how advanced or basic, everyone can improve their breathing and thus improve their health. 

Integrated Hyperbarics provides 1 on 1 guidance as well as video and audio guides to help you master the skills and build the cardiovascular fitness involved in breathing efficiently. After you learn the skills, you can take them into the HBOT chamber and really saturate your cells with oxygen and happiness. (Trust us, they will thank you)


Integrated Hyperbarics offers state of the art Biofeedback to help you regain quality motor control and reduce spasms. Our devices use audio and visual feedback to help you see and hear your body in motion and guides you to a more efficient movement pattern. Our trained therapists have over 20 years of experience using Biofeedback to help patients function better. Our handheld device gives you audible feedback to improve your sport performance. After energizing with PBMT and oxygenating with HBOT, nothing completes your treatment like proper movement mechanics. Then you will be truly ready to continue your journey toward your goals. 

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Instrument Assisted Myofascial Release

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Integrated Hyperbarics has the tools to succeed in the myofascial release department. Suction cups, deep tissue scraping tools, massage guns, foam rollers. There is no tool, and no hands-on technique they don't know. Their skills of myofascial release will ensure that your body gets the energy and oxygen it needs by releasing the adhesions prior to PBMT and HBOT. 

And no, we will not leave you looking like this!!

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Earthing / Grounding

Integrated Hyperbarics uses Earthing mats, also known as Grounding mats, in both PBMT and HBOT. This form of connecting with Mother Earth allows for your body to pick up more electrons so your cells can do more work via the electron transport chain. Just as you are doing with the infrared lights, you can do the same by going barefoot on our Earthing mats or by wearing the bracelet in the chamber. 

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