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501 Bay Ave Suite 101
Somers Point, NJ 08244
833-HBOT-411 (426-8411)

Located on Bay Avenue in Somers Point

Minutes from the Garden State Parkway

Heading South take Exit 30

(Exact change and EZ Pass only most days)

Heading North take Exit 29

New Patients -
You can contact us for Medical forms before your first visit

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Upcoming Classes, Lectures, and Special Events

King of the Hill - Spring 2023 road and cycle races for bragging rights! Sponsored by Integrated Hyperbarics, Exodus Sport and Fitness, Kemenosh Chiropractics.  Details to follow soon.
Click here for details

June 17 (Sat) 9am-2pm OC Health and Fitness Expo on the music pier at 8th street. Great weather, great views, and great information on how hyperbarics can help you heal and recover from injuries.

May 27 (Sat) 7am-1pm Memorial Beach Challenge - Ocean City Music Pier. A great way to start your summer and a great way to support our veterans. We will be sponsoring the event held by so come joint us and find out how hyperbarics can help veterans with PTSD and concussions. 

March 18 (Sat) 10am-2p
EHT Health Expo - Join us at the EHT community center on English Creek Ave to talk about how HBOT can help you. We will be there giving away discount coupons and holding our breathwork challenge for prizes.

October 21& 22(Fri and Sat) 3pm-8pm - AC Marathon Health Expo on the AC Boardwalk (in Bally's Traymore Ballroom). Find out how HBOT can speed your recovery from running 26.2 miles so you can walk the next day painfree. We will also have coupons for those partaking in our Breathwork Challenge. See if you have the lung capacity to handle the oxygen demands of your body and sport performance. 
October 2 (Sunday) 9am-12 noon - Come in as ask us about HBOT. We will be here helping others achieve their health goals.
September 3-5 10am-12 noon - Come in and ask questions. We are getting busy and word of mouth is spreading. Don't miss the opportunity to see for yourself how HBOT and Red Light Therapy can help
August 6 (Sat) 11am-6pm - Atlantic City Triathlon Expo - Bader Field - Visit us for discount dives, Breathwork Competitions for prizes, Learn about Hyperbarics, and schedule your Post-Event Dive so you won't feel like such $#!% the next day! We will also have the Infrared Lights up and running for a free session to help energize you!!
July 25 &27 (Mon & Wed) 6am-9am - Open House at Exodus Fitness and Sport (our home). Come and find out how hyperbarics can help you recover faster and more complete. Ask your questions, see what all the "HYPE" is about!
June 18 (Sat) 7am-2pm - Ocean City Music Pier Fitness and Health Fair - Come see us and get discounts on dive packages!
June 11 (Sat) 7am - 9am - Paddle for A Cure - Ventnor Ski Beach - talking with participants
May 28 (Sat) 7am & 9am - Hyperbaric Chamber - Lecture on uses and benefits
May 21(Sat) 8 am- 12 Noon - Hyperbaric Chamber and Exodus Sport and Fitness - OPEN HOUSE - come discuss the uses and benefits of HBOT and joining the best personal training and fitness center in Somers Point. Give Aways, Discounted Dive Packages
May 14 (Sat) 8:30 am - Campbell's class on Breathwork - Intro class
April 23 (Sat) 8 am- 12 Noon - Hyperbaric Chamber - Open House - come discuss the uses and benefits of HBOT
April 16 (Sat) 8:30 am - Campbell's class on Breathwork - Recovery 
April 9 (Sat) 12 Noon - Hyperbaric Chamber - Lecture on uses and benefits 
April 2 (Sat) 12 Noon - Red Light Therapy - free class / demo. 
March 26 (Sat) 12 Noon - Red Light Therapy - free class, demo and chance to win a free month.
March 19 (Sat) 8:30 am - Campbell's class on Breathwork - Breath holding
March 12 (Sat) 8:30 am - Campbell's class on Breathwork - Intro class
Email us if you are interested in any of our upcoming events as space is limited and demand is high.

If you should choose to call or text us at this number 833-HBOT-411 (426-8411), you agree to receive text messages, If you no longer wish to receive text messages, you may opt-out at any time by replying "STOP" We do not share any of your information and we do not solicit or market through our 833 number. As always, your information is private and we will not share it with anyone, including your family and doctors unless you give us written permission. 

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