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This page is dedicated to videos of HBOT and PBMT to explain the mechanisms, benefits, uses, and more. We try to use only those videos based on sound science. If you know of any videos that explain HBOT or PBMT well, message us and we will watch them and post them here if they give some insight that can help others. 

Don't take our word for it. This is Kyle. His YouTube videos are his personal use of popular biohacks to see if they really work. This is his experience with 60 days of HBOT and the effects he felt. He took blood before and after to show the biological changes as well as the psychosocial feelings he went through. The telomere results are fantastic to see.

Tune into our channel on YouTube to see videos of how we integrate exercise, meditation, breath work, infrared lights, and more as well as review current research and trends in HBOT.

HBOT News Network is the place to go to listen to the latest news, research, updates, and personal stories of how hyperbarics can help you or your family members. Hear directly from the sources of the future of hyperbarics. This episode is how HBOT is helping veterans with PTSD and TBI from blast injuries which often go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. 

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