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Privacy Terms and Conditions

Thanks to government regulations for those who abuse the telephone, email, and now text forms of communication, we have been asked to provide an entire page detailing our "Privacy Policy" and our "User Agreements". 

Considering our entire business is founded on privacy of healthcare standards, we find it hard to believe that any government will be more stringent than us at protecting your information. So, you can rest assured that no matter what they say, we will NEVER give your information to ANYONE, INCLUDING GOVERNMENT AGENTS OR AGENCIES without your written permission. Hell, we won't even give it to you or your family or your doctor without your written permission. But to understand our actual standards of privacy you would have to come in and talked to us. Since the "regulatory agencies" have not, nor will they come talk to us and listen to what we say, the following page is dedicated to their BULL$#!+. Sorry for the inconvenience of having to stomach it. 

" need to add Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the actual website, the purpose of your website will dictate the specifics of your Terms and conditions, the most common ones are:
1. Liability, customers are navigating on your website at their own risk
2. Cookies and cache, if the website is using cookies and cache for any marketing purpose 
3. Privacy Policy, how is the information provided by your customers being handled
4. Acceptance of terms and conditions, which simply states that by using your website the user accepts the T&C and privacy policy 
5. SMS T&C, which must include the following statement
"By calling or texting this number 8xx-xxx-xxxx, Customers agree to receive text messages, If you no longer wish to receive text messages, you may opt-out at any time by replying "STOP"..."

Our Terms and Conditions

1. Liability, as our customer, you agree that you are navigating on this website at your own risk (not that we know what "risk" there is using our website. I guess you could sprain your fingers or strain your eyes)
2. Cookies and cache, We do not code any of this on our site as we make the site ourselves and for the sole purpose of sharing information, not to collect information from you.  
3. Privacy Policy, See the above paragraph that we do not collect nor share your information with ANYONE!! 
4. Acceptance of terms and conditions, "By using our website, you accept the T&C and privacy policy."

Our terms and conditions are that you use the site and do with the information whatever you like. You may not alter the site in any way like a malicious hacker would do. You can quote us if you would like to, but if we ask you to stop copying or quoting us you will respect our request just like we respect you. 
5. If you should choose to call or text us at this number 833-HBOT-411 (426-8411), you agree to receive text messages, If you no longer wish to receive text messages, you may opt-out at any time by replying "STOP". Understand that we do not use texting to mass market to anyone. The text feature of our 833 number is strictly for us to communicate with you. You initiate the contact and we follow up. We use it as a convenience for you to ask us questions or make appointments.

Thanks for obeying the government's rules forced upon us all. 

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