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South Jersey Infrared

Over the last 10 years Infrared Technology has become very effective in helping people achieve their heatlh and wellness goals through Saunas and Infrared Light Therapy. This technology has grown even further into Chromotherapy, Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field mats, and Grounding mats to complete the cycle of life that optimizes our health. 

South Jersey Infrared brings you all of the above to help fill the energy cups of your mitochondria. Using the energy from infrared lights in our Red Light Room, you can charge the Cyotchrome-C that transports electrons that make ATP in the cells. Sit or stand on a Grounding mat while doing the IR light therapy and discharge your inflammation. Laying on a PEMF mat for 20-60 minutes will recharge your energy with the healing frequency of the earth. Sit in our 3-person detoxifying Infrared Sauna to rid yourself of the poisons beneath the skin. 

No matter how you utilize South Jersey Infrared technologies, you will recover faster from exercise or just the daily grind and have more energy to run your body through the day. 

But don't just trust what we say. Come and experience the amazing results from South Jersey's best place to recover and optimize your health. 

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