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Blood Flow




When you decide to take the dive, there are a lot of things to go over, like your medical history, your goals, your expectations, our process, safety checks, hand signals, and more. We want to make your hyperbaric experience both comfortable and effective. 

Your medical history and safety check will be performed by one of our HBOT certified clinicians. They will go over a list of Do's and Don'ts like not wearing lotions, hair sprays, lip balm, metal jewelry, etc, not taking in flammable devices like lighters or hand warmers, not smoking before entering or wearing perfumes (the odors linger in the chamber), and what devices you are allowed to bring in like books or phones or headphones. And we will pat you down every time you enter because people say "yeah, yeah, yeah." but then do it anyway and it puts us all at risk. We do it because we take your safety seriously.

IBUM certification
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We offer room air only which will increase your oxygen uptake 30% and we offer O2 which will increase oxygen uptake as much as 15 times. We will provide you with a new mask or mouthpiece that we will keep on site and clean for every use. 

On your first dive day, the clinician will review all of the precautions as well as some hand signals so that you can communicate through the window as it is a little difficult to hear. Your clinician will go over the whole process and get you familiar with all the gadgets and sounds you will see and hear. They will go over the ear clearing methods for equalizing ear pressure as this is the most common issue with HBOT. We do not treat the dive chamber like other facilities; we won't leave your side EVER whether this is your first or fiftieth dive. 

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We provide you with programs to help you meditate or exercise or do breath work while inside to maximize your oxygen saturation and we stand by to help you with those. Some people like to just sleep and that is fine too. We can turn the lights down low and let you rest but we will monitor you just the same to ensure a safe dive. 

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